Pr htm, pr hmswt xr stwt

in may 2021, we underwent kemetic orthodoxy's rite of parent divination to be revealed as children of Sobek and Set, beloved of Ra, Hethert-Sekhmet, Bast and Heru-wer. (while mord is the only explicit member of KO, the result applies to all of us, and most of us will recognize and venerate those who showed up.)

this page will, over time, become a repository for information about the gods of our lineup as we experience them.


Lord of the primeval waters, Who makes the herbage green


Lord of the oasis, great of strength and love





overall, it's an incredibly solar lineup, as well as having strong kingship and fertility themes. the particular iru some of us get also bring a lot of herbaceous, green energy. this is the rationale for calling this page pr hmswt xr stwt - 'house of seed and sunshine'. hmswt is a word that appears in some of Sobek's epithets which Egytpologists speculate is a pormanteau or pun on hms, one of the many words for 'penis', and smw, which refers to pastures, vegetables, and herbage. 'seed' is the closest thing i could think of that would retain that dual meaning in english. (pr htm just means 'allium house' :v)