the house of two crocodiles

the majority of us in the system worship the kemetic gods, though we also have shinto and druidry flavoured land-based practises. formally we are members of Kemetic Orthodoxy and participate in its holidays and rituals, but also (as most KO members do) have a number of more eclectic beliefs and practises. so this page is about those things, about kemeticism generally, and about the specific gods of our lineup as per Kemetic Orthodoxy's RPD framework.

in may 2021, we underwent KO's rite of parent divination to be revealed as children of Sobek and Set, beloved of Ra, Hethert-Sekhmet, Bast and Heru-wer. in april 2022, we took the shemsu oath and were given the name Mesehwy, meaning 'two crocodiles'.

overall, it's an incredibly solar lineup, as well as having strong kingship and fertility themes. additionally, the specific iru we get create a theme of outskirts, spatially, temporally, and metaphorically - Sobek as Lord of Faiyum and Set as Lord of the Oases both center their rulership on bodies of water away from the Nile, away from the state mythological cycle of the Wesir Mysteries and Wep Ronpet. Hethert the Navigator is a patron of faraway places and mixing cultures. Bast's syncretization with Artemis in the Ptolemaic period represents the very edge of what can even be considered Kemetic.

personal work

stuff we've written about kemeticism and our path.

stuff that isn't finished but we're putting here as an accountability thing:

external links

stuff other people have made. specific Gods' pages will have more links to stuff more directly related to Them.



  • - a calendar app for tracking the kemetic year. has more festivals than you can shake a stick at, with the ability to configure when the new year is for you and to list festivals by god.
  • Tea Garden - a youtube channel featuring devotional painting, witchcraft, and a series of kemetic chapel services dwelling on different gods and theological concepts
  • Journeys Along The Nile - a podcast series of guided meditations where Ankhetbast will take you on a visit to various Netjeru


  • On The Temple Steps - Bezenwepwy sells all manner of charms in the image of the Gods and various other kemetic symbols.
  • shadowofthesphinx - Nicolas makes altar statues by hand and is very willing to work with you on custom pieces. we've never gotten anything from him, but everyone who has tells me he's very considerate and consistently produces good work.
  • Reverend Tawa'ubastmut, Megan Zane and Navi Senuermau are three reputable sellers of tea blends dedicated to the Netjeru - the tins can double as devotional art pieces!