Hethert is simply Mom. had things been a little bit different, She very well could have also showed up as a Parent - joey feels a lot more connected to Her than to Sobek, for instance. even still, with our results as they are, we can't help thinking of Her as Mother, and She seems to like that just fine.

She is Love, in all of its forms. sexual, romantic, platonic, familial. She is the feeling you get when someone you trust gives you such an earnest compliment that you stop to think 'wow, maybe i am inherently worth something'. not just 'i love you' but 'you can and will be loved'. She is also physical appetites, and passion, for people, for hobbies, for anything. lust, even lust for power and knowledge.

mord was very averse to working with feminine gods before coming to KO, and Hethert basically forced Her way into his life, initially appearing as the forward-facing facet of a conglomerate Mehet-Weret. later She came largely synced with Bast-Mut, as a giant black lion.

currently, mord is exploring Hethert as the Navigator and Mistress of Ships. the ancient Egyptians didn't have a close relationship with the sea, but Hethert was often put in the role of boatswain on the solar barque, and with Her association with many forgien colonies and trading hubs, She came to be seen as the protector of sailors on the Great Green - what they called the Mediterranean sea.

as it was historically, and as it's explicitly divined in KO, our Hethert is also Hethert-Sekhmet. up until now, we've had very little contact with the Sekhmet side, but She's starting to show Herself now, as much in Her own right as as a part of Hethert, and has stated in no uncertain terms that She is as much our Beloved as Hethert is.