Sobek is incredibly doting and intimate, and incredibly stern and lofty in turn. he has a very complex and fluid nature.

The Great Male

while many of the Netjeru with nonhuman theophanies are purely so in a symbolic way, Sobek is truly animalistic. people joke about Unas' pyramid texts (which... fair) but the spirit of those words is sincerely felt here. He lives by His instincts and takes what He wants.

Ruler Amongst The Gods

also described by mads as The Patriarch, or less seriously by mord as 'my manager's manager'. when we talk about putting our Parents first, Sobek is there, not necessarily before, but above. at the top of the pyramid.

Son of Nit

Sobek is primal and primordial. He is eternally alive in a way not quite like any other in His role - Wesir died so He could be established as King in the duat, Ra dies and is reborn every day to renew Himself and the world, but Sobek has never died. He burns with a fire fueled by the infinite spark of creation from His Mother.

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