i made emoji out of some of the symbols that exist for various alterhuman and adjacent communities. they were designed for the alt+h discord and forum initially, but i'm releasing them to the public domain, because there's no reason not to, really.

sources, credits and history

alt key

my own suggestion for a general symbol for alterhumanity as a whole.

diamond heart

a symbol for otherheartedness designed by aestherians after open discussion on tumblr and the therian guide. poppy's version actually includes a circle entwined with the heart, but i couldn't quite get that to look right at the resolution emojis are typically displayed at.

elven star

a well-attested symbol for otherkin. the first use of a seven-pointed star in reference to otherkin appeared in the 1986 summer issue of a pagan newspaper called circle network news, in an article by the silver elves. they actually used an obtuse heptagram (this one) instead of the actue heptagram we're now familiar with.


'h+' in text has been used as shorthand for 'transhumanism' since at least january 2005. this h+ symbol was first created by humanity+ as part of their rebranding from the world transhumanist association, and has been adopted as a general symbol by other transhumanist groups since.

phi paw

a symbol proposed by some members of sofurry as a general identifier for furries. it's not very commonly used, but i think it's neat.

plural rings

created by oure gaiya and iris of astraea. as far as i'm aware, no explicit description of the symbolism was ever given by them, but it seems pretty self evident, doesn't it?

theta delta

a symbol jointly produced by members of the werelist and awereness. the 'theta' represents therianthropy's greek etymology (the word therios starts with the letter theta) and the delta is a symbol for change over time, representative of shifting.


a more modern plural symbol, designed and released into the public domain by an anonymous system posting on multiple platforms.