i've pared down this page a lot while i reorganize some stuff, so it looks a bit shit right now. watch this space!

mordecai is a celestial dragon on a mission from the gods to fuck around and find out. in its current incarnation, it's a warlock, a webmaster, a multi-disciplinary digital artist, and a writer on alterhuman issues. it uses it/its + he/him pronouns and would prefer you always spell its name in lower case. toki+pona la nimi ona li akesi [_monsuta_telo_ken] .

you can find mord in the following places online:

mastodon | pillowfort
📧 sun@allium.house


i've written and made a lot of stuff. you can find it all in here.

commonplace book

a hoard of quotes that mean something to me.

here's a random VRChat selfie: