mordecai is a celestial creature manifested on earth to study human subcultures, anarchism and alterhumanity. it uses it/its + he/him pronouns and would prefer you always spell its name in lower case. you can find it in the following places online: User:Vagabondsun
📧 [m]

interests include: worldbuilding and conlanging, vexillology and heraldry, astrology, PIE and AE religion, and the history of piracy.

recurring motifs include: space and solar imagery, black and purple and fuchsia and gold, gods and/or kings and/or monsters, the occult, divine madness, and queering discourses.

it's a shemsu of Kemetic Orthodoxy, an on-and-off member of Ár nDraíocht Féin and the Scottish Pagan Federation, an apprentice magician, and an egotheistic eclectic something-or-other.

it's also an organizer at Alt+H. it's pretty neat. you should check it out.


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