we didn't start the fire!

allium house is a plural collective of mages, rogues, artists, animals, and general weirdos. in meatspace, they live somewhere in lowland scotland. inworld, they live in a metropolis cradled between universes. on the internet, they live right here.


you can contact us collectively at hello@allium.house
(individual members' details are on their respective pages)

consult the etiquette page for guidance on how to talk to and about us as a system

major updates

2024-07-15: ☀️ a new essay, sort of — “What does it feel like to identify as an archetrope?” is a transcript of a conversation from the Archetroper's Guild discord server which the participants graciously allowed me to rehost publicly.

2024-07-13: ☀️ added a digital mirror of my commonplace book.

2024-06-12: ☀️ i've implemented plebmention. yes, you read that right. if you've referenced one of my posts in a work of your own, submit a link to its page and i'll link back to you!

2024-03-03: ☀️ small but important - i added a page describing how you can use my work.

2024-02-17: ☀️ presenting the typography update. i've been reading practical typography, and i figured it was a good idea to implement some of the suggestions given how text-heavy this site is. the font used is sorts mill goudy. the site (especially my essays) should read much nicer already, but i still need to re-set some of the text to use proper characters for em-dashes and quotation marks and whatnot.

2024-02-07: ☀️ added a website carbon badge to our homepage after seeing it on joe jenett's site. we have a list of improvements to make to optimize the site over time - it will probably mainly involve getting image sizes down. reducing the bg image of the homepage to using only web colors made it 10x smaller! we will probably use something like tinypng for the rest of it, but in this instance i think the dithering looks pretty slick.

2024-02-03: 🐱 going for a new look on the homepage, featuring some more buttons and webrings up front as we try to get more interconnected with the indie web. this layout isn't mobile friendly yet, we'll work on it! also took this opportunity to set the site up in a git repository (if you noticed some downtime, that's what that was) for - hopefully! - more small and frequent updates.

2023-07-13: new post from mord: fictionfolk for the nonhumans who don't understand them. rehosted some old alt+h files. also fixed a broken file in the transspecies flags downloads - thank you to the rainbow collective for providing a working svg.

2023-02-25: a new page for sticky things and some tweaking to hopefully make the site look less cramped on mobile.

2022-05-09: the kemetic page gets a facelift and a little bit more info re: our name. made some background images significantly smaller to be nicer to low-bandwidth users. also added a button for your button collections.

2022-03-03: beginning to rework the kemetic page. begun splitting off the directory into multiple pages, starting with the anarchism page. you will probably see duplicate content across the site until this is done. also added this update section.

Last commit: Jul 15 20:31:26 2024 - expand and update moments of moreness