posters, stickers, and other sticky things

this is my little reposistory of things that you can print out and slap on walls and telephone poles, usually for the purposes of propagandizing about alterhumanity. it has one (1) thing in it so far but it'll certainly expand as more ideas come to me. creating pithy slogans and graphics that can stand on their own without context is hard work!

the PDF files are for printing, and the SVG files are for editing. obviously, these require a printer - if you don't have one, your local library probably does. for getting them to actually stick to things, crimethinc's field guide to wheatpasting is my preferred method.

all the files on this page are licensed under the cooperative non-violent license (CNPL) v7+, which means, roughly, that anyone is allowed to download, change and share the files as long as you don't use them for purposes that harm other people.


a brutalist flyer inspired by the type and messaging of groups like the gay liberation front, and a call for solidarity between human trans folk and nonhumans (who are mostly also trans folk). there are four to a sheet. i can't embed the fonts, so if you want to edit it, you'll need to install montserrat heavy and kalam bold.