how you can use my work

on this page, i discuss conditions and preferences for using and reproducing the stuff i make. freedom of information is something i value highly, so i try to be as permissive as i reasonably can.

unless otherwise specified, my works are licensed under whatever the most up-to-date version is of the cooperative nonviolent public license. this means, roughly, that anyone is allowed to download, change and share the files as long as you give credit, disclaim what changes you've made, and don't use them to violent, coercive or discriminatory ends. each page will describe the specific license that applies to that work, so you can be sure (eventually. i'm working on it). usually, when it's not this license, it's because i'm dedicating something to the public domain.

i consent to the pages in this directory1 being archived on sites such as the internet archive's wayback machine. i recognize that some of my older works - while they may contain outdated information and opinions i no longer hold - still have historical value to the alterhuman communities.2

i aim to make it easy for you to cite my work by making sure everything has a title and dates for the original publishing and subsequent updates.3 providing stable, canonical URLs for those works is another way i do this. i have my own ideas about which of my essays are worth preserving, but i will also rehost most things if you ask.

i pledge to keep maintaining this collection to the best of my ability and for as long as i possibly can. this means, among other things, keeping licenses updated, and making sure permalinks don't change. i don't know what the future's going to look like ten or twenty or fifty years from now but i hope to figure something out that allows these works to exist indefinitely and without my attendance.

coming soon, hopefully: a separate post where i discuss considerations and tools for you to preserve your work for others' benefit too.

  1. i.e. everything under
  2. for an example of where this has applied, check out's transspecies article, which describes how i was at one point against the word.
  3. althought i forgot to do this for my expansion of the alt key post and now i don't remember when i did that. sorry!