a lot of the problems communities face on tumblr are because of the structure of tumblr itself. these posts explain it better than i ever could:

i'm pretty personally invested in getting the alterhuman communities off of tumblr, so i put together this page to help you do that. it's currently just a reproduction of a post i made promoting pillowfort, but as new alterhuman communities pop up in other places i'll add those too. anyway,

why should i use pillowfort?

lavendar-sprinkles talks a bit about it here, and here's a post by osteophage that talks about site culture and how it differs from tumblr.

what alterhuman communities are there?

there are a lot, but not many of them are active. as part of this drive to encourage people to migrate, i want to revitalize some of them and would love your help doing so. you can check out a list of all the communities i could find here, sorted by how active they are. here's a good guide on reviving communities, if you feel up for it.

i'd strongly recommend joining Active_Users, CommunityAds, and FindComments to find general content to start with. you can also follow me, if you like.

how do i join?

if you don't want to pay $5 for their open beta, you can get an invite from someone who's already registered. like these ones from me, for example. if they're all gone, the invite key exchange also exists, but it can take them a couple days to get back to you.