words coined in the alt+h discord server


"quoiluntary" was coined by smith of polyptych on october 24th, 2018. it was an, in retrospect, pretty self-evident portmanteau of the quoi- prefix with the word voluntary. it was proposed in response to a conversation from a now-deleted channel, so i'm not entirely sure what the context was, but the exact statement they were responding to was "there should be a term for if voluntary vs involuntary is unclear/a meaningless distinction to you".

Smith, Rquell [Polyptych] 24/10/2018 05:56

if i may submit a shit pun:


a number of people immediately and enthusiastically picked it up, and it has seen continuous use in the server and outside of it to this day. i don’t know exactly when it escaped, though, because in mid-2019 i was still saying:

vagabondsun (蒜) 21/04/2019 20:15

i don't think it's really in use as a term outside of here and the voluntary identity server but there's probably some discussion of it in here that you can search for


the very first instance of the use of this seems to be lost. the first conversation i can find about it is about what sorts of experiences it can encompass, and that happened at the very end of 2016:

Elyott 15/12/2016 19:00

I think, when i think of home, its not just a place, its got like sounds and objects and smells and stuff also; maybe thats also how hearthome works

to my memory, this convo happened very soon after it was first proposed, so i would put the coining itself in november or december of 2016. i was under the impression that elyott (ex-co-founder of alt+h) coined it, but marron believes that he did. he could be right! i'm genuinely not sure.

in any case, this one has an official coining post on the alt+h blog. i don't know when it began to pick up steam outside of the server, but it seems to be in pretty common use these days. i've also noticed people treating it as like, a subtype of the otherhearted experience. i think this is something we tried to caution against doing in the very beginning, out of a desire to see it establish its own semantic space outside of just ‘hearted but for places’. that said, i don’t feel like people are being reductive about it in practise, so I’m not too mad.


this one was never really 'coined', nihal and i and joey just kind of... started using it. the server history says that nihal used it first, offhandedly, in april of 2018. i have a feeling it and i might also have been using it privately amongst ourselves before that. we continued to use it infrequently throughout 2019, and at the tail end of that year another few people adopted it into their vocabularies. in 2020, it still hadn't caught on in the server at large, but i had this to say:

vagabondsun (蒜) 26/02/2020 12:45

pretty much everything that i've ever come up with, and what's been come up with in here, has done so because the coiner was trying to plug a gap in their own language, and so it'd end up seeing a lot of use just by virtue of the coiner talking about their own experiences

[...] i'm still yet to see anyone else use 'fictionfolk' but it's still a useful word to me so i'm gonna keep using it and whatever happens happens

i literally don't think it was until 2022 that it became commonly used and understood in the server, but now it’s apparently very widespread, possibly by the hand of the fictionkind dreamwidth community.


tropetype is a word that in part could be considered a forerunner to ‘archetrope’, but which has a different meaning that people are starting to appreciate in its own right now. it was coined to refer to a sense of identification with/as a specific trope on the basis of having a bunch of different fictotypes that fit the trope, or as hatch put it:

Humble Cicero ↭Jaeger↭ 26/05/2017 18:39

so i want a little input on somethin

if cladotherians are a thing, is there something similar for fictionkin/general otherkin stuff?

vagabondsun (蒜) 26/05/2017 18:39

i think i might need a working example to understand what you mean

Humble Cicero ↭Jaeger↭ 26/05/2017 18:40

Like if someone can be kin of all types of felines, could someone be kin of all characters of a certain trope (like Mad Scientists or some archetype)

some amount of conversation later...

jackdaw 27/05/2017 06:09

We call it "having a type".

Just like dating, I figure.

Humble Cicero ↭Jaeger↭ 27/05/2017 06:28

so what would this be called. -hearted things are called otherhearted, would this be called tropetyping?

Elyott 27/05/2017 06:29

I like the way that sounds Cicero, Tropetyping :3

to be honest, outside of this conversation, it wasn’t received very well to start with. but the coining of archetrope brought it to mind for a lot of people in the server again, and there have been more recent conversations in there where people have concluded it’s a better term for them than archetrope is. while a person may not identify as a bard in the sense of embodying the role like an archetrope, they might identify as a bard In General because multiple of their fictotypes are bards.


on April 24th, 2017, a member of the gallifreyan tradition (the less said about that group, the better) mentioned that within their community they had the term "voluntary association" for "copinglinks made for any other purpose besides coping". another user responded with this:

Cabra 26/04/2017 15:49

in my ideal world we would just call them otherlinks and i could be a monsterlink and everyone would get along

because "what do we call voluntary identities that aren't for coping" continued to be a question that was asked in the server, cabra continued to forward "otherlink" as an option for that. eventually, their persistence paid off, and other people started to adopt the term. i think its use was particularly cemented by the introduction of our #voluntary channel on October 17th of the same year.