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here are some ways you can be alterhuman and human, by the way:

  • transhuman, posthuman, or otherwise h+
  • human fictionkin, fictives and fableings
  • other human system members
  • literally any identity where you still consider humanity important to you
  • like there are a lot of otherkin and therians who consider themselves ‘human and nonhuman’
  • daemians
  • otherhearted people
  • soulbonders
  • channelers and spirit mediums
  • walk-in spirits and starseed

all of these experiences still subvert the typical human experience and challenge what it means to be human. all of these kinds of people still have more in common with other alterhumans than they do purely human-identified people.

if you’re in one of these groups and you want to claim this label and community, i’m in your corner, and i’ll fight anyone who tries to take ‘alterhuman’ away from the people it was coined for in the first place.