this is a translation of a post on Empreinte alter-humaine FR, a french-language alterhuman forum. it explains the term 'otherhuman', which was coined by Zayakah to describe their own experiences. the original post can be found here.


What is an otherhuman?

An otherhuman (or ‘autre humaine’ in French) is a person who feels like they belong to another species of the human genus, which could be fictional or real. Consequently, that person doesn’t identify as the current species of humanity existing on Earth (homo sapiens).

I invented the term out of necessity in 2017 because I was the first visible otherhuman in the French alterhuman community.

Otherhumans are alterhuman because they hold an identity alternative to humanity, like otherkin and therians. That said, an otherhuman is not otherkin or therian, because otherkin identify as nonhuman mythological creatures, and therians identify as nonhuman terrestrial animals.

Why are people otherhuman?

There’s no one specific reason that drives a person to identify as otherhuman. Most people explain their identity through spirituality – by reincarnation, for example – and others through psychology, justifying it as a function of their neurodivergence. Regardless of whether they have a concrete reason or not, the feelings of these people are real and legitimate.

Are there many types of otherhuman?

Yes, there are otherhumans who identify as species of human which existed previously on Earth, such as homo florensiensis, homo luzonensis, homo denisovensis, and homo neanderthalensis.

Further, there are otherhumans who identify as imaginary or fictional species like the Hyur from Final Fantasy XIV, the Beorc or the Laguz from Fire Emblem (a non-exhaustive list). When someone identifies as a person from a fictional universe, they can also identify with their fictotype’s version of humanity.

Regarding otherhumans of this type, they’re not alienkin because the species they identify as are considered to be humans, even though they’re exogenous. Alienkin identify as species which are nonterrestrial and nonhuman.

Can otherhumans shift?

Of course, and they can also suffer from mental, social and physical dysphoria.

Are otherhumans transhuman?

Otherhumans have nothing to do with transhumanism. Otherhumanity is an identity, and transhumaism is a movement which promotes scientific research and the improvement of the human condition. They are two totally different things, though it is possible that most othehrumans support transhumanism.


Did you know that homo sapiens have a logo to represent their species? Oskar Pernefeld, a Swedish professor of design, created this logo with the aid of NASA and private companies. It represents a flower, the symbol of life, and the blue field evokes water.

Each type of alterhumanity also has its own logo – all that's missing is one for otherhumanity.